Theory and applications of general topology

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The results improves many results in Literature. Save to Library. In this paper, we introduce neutrosophic upper and neutrosophic lower almost pre-continuous-multifunctions as a generalization of neutrosophic multifunctions.

Some characterizations and several properties concerning neutrosophic upper and Some characterizations and several properties concerning neutrosophic upper and neutrosophic lower almost pre-continuous-multifunctions are obtained. The relationship between these multifunctions and their graphs are investigated.

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Saeid Jafari. In this paper, we extend the Geraghty result [7] to k-dimension. Cenap Ozel. In , Molodtsov initiated the concept of Soft Sets Theory as a new mathematical tool and a completely different approach for dealing with uncertainties in many fields of applied sciences.

In , Shabir and Naz introduced and studied In , Shabir and Naz introduced and studied the theory of soft topological spaces, also defining and investigating many new soft properties as generalization of the classical ones. In this paper, we introduce the notions of soft separation between soft points and soft closed sets in order to obtain a generalization of the well-known Embedding Lemma for soft topological spaces.

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Palabras claves. Also, we present some properties of these spaces related to subspaces, semi-continuous functions and homeomorphisms. On some paracompactness-type properties of fuzzy topological spaces. The aim of this paper is to study some paracompactness-type properties for fuzzy topological spaces. We prove that these properties are good extensions of others defined by A. Arkhangel'skii and studied by S.

Topological games and applications in general topology

Peregudov and obtain Peregudov and obtain several results about them. Strong variations of Weyl and Browder type theorems for direct sums and restrictions.

Is the Abstract Mathematics of Topology Applicable to the Real World?

In this paper, we study the stability under direct sums and restrictions of some strong variations of Weyl and Browder type theorems recently introduced in Rashid and Prasad Asia-Eur J Math , Pontryagin duality in the theory of topological vector spaces and in topological algebra. In this article we systematically describe the foundations of the theory of stereotype spaces and algebras. Continuous and smooth envelopes of topological algebras.

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Part 2. We will invite speakers with expertise in these applications, to bring them together with other faculty, post-doctoral fellows, and students with interests in topology. Our aim is to reveal and highlight new problems and lines of research that will be accessible to and of interest to topologists, and which are inspired by and will have applications to these new fields of study.

Contributed talks in this session are most welcome.

Partial Metric Topology

We will attempt to avoid conflicting talks with the sessions in Continuum Theory and Dynamics. The special session organizers will be strongly encouraged to identify promising young researchers and graduate students, as well as senior researchers, for speakers in 20 minute talks running in six parallel sessions. Up to 27 talks are slated for each area, with some room for expansion, if needed. Every effort will be made to ensure fair representation among speakers of women and minority groups.

Contributed talks in these sessions will also be solicited and welcomed. Organizers will be advised to provide periods for discussion of open problems in the areas they represent. We are very pleased that the following mathematicians have accepted our invitation to give a talk at this conference. The lobby of Heritage Hall is available for registration Thursday and Friday morning , morning snack and coffee breaks.

For location information regarding the conference venue and parking, view both the provided Google Maps resource and a detailed map of campus. There will be a Welcome Reception on Wednesday, PM, at Ted's Restaurant , 12th Street South, three blocks from the conference venue and six blocks from most hotels.

Parking for the conference is free Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at the parking deck on the corner of 13th Street and University Boulevard, one block from the conference venue at Heritage Hall. Full details will be added in the coming months.

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Information of the conference has been posted on the Topology Atlas and will be posted on the appropriate web pages for each of the conference areas. The conference will be included in the conference listings of the American Mathematical Society, the Canadian Mathematical Society, and the Sociedad Matematica Mexicana. Organizers of the 53rd Spring Topology and Dynamical Systems Conference have applied for National Science Foundation funding to cover travel costs of some participants.

Applications from members of under-represented groups, and from graduate students, post-doctoral students, and recently appointed faculty PhD last 5 years are given preference. Some funding may be available for senior faculty without other travel support. To apply for funding, please fill out the travel support application. For information about the Mary Ellen Rudin Award, visit the award page. Related Information. Close Figure Viewer. Browse All Figures Return to Figure.

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