Quantification, definiteness, and nominalization

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This book addresses recent developments in the study of quantifier phrases, nominalizations, and the linking definite determiner. It reflects the intense reconsideration of the nature of quantification, and of fundamental aspects of the syntax and semantics of quantifier phrases.

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Leading international scholars explore novel and challenging ideas at the interfaces between syntax and morphology, syntax and semantics, morphology and the lexicon. They examine core issuesin the field, such as kind reference, number marking, partitivity, context dependence and the way presuppositions are built into the meanings of quantifiers. They also consider how in this context definiteness and the definite determiner D play a central role, and the way in which D is alsoinstrumental in nominalizations. With nominalization, the lexical semantic contribution of verbs and their arguments becomes central, and within the perspective of this book the question is asked whether syntactic nominalizations share with noun phrases the same external layer, namely the functional projection DP.

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If so, what exactly is the contribution of D in this case, and how much of the lexical correspondence between nouns and verbs is preserved? This book presents the latest thinking on cross-paradigm and cross-linguistic approaches in three of the most vibrant and productive research areas in linguistics.

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It paves the way towards a more comprehensive understanding of how quantification, definiteness, and nominalizations are encoded in the grammar. Have doubts regarding this product?

Quantification, Definiteness, and Nominalization (Oxford Studies in Theoretical Linguistics)

Post your question. The book targets researchers in theoretical linguistics, comparative syntax, morphology and typology.

The morphology of nominalizations and the syntax of vP

It can also be used as a foundation book on the morpho-syntax of nominals, argument structure and word formation. Artemis Alexiadou, This book addresses recent developments in the study of quantifier phrases, nominalizations, and the linking definite determiner. Anastasia Giannakidou, Monika Rathert, Introduction One of the hallmarks of a Tibeto-Burman language is the extensive use of structures referred to in the Tibeto-Burman literature as " nominalization ". Although particular Tibeto-Burman languages may differ in the number of Carol Genetti, It allows the dense packing of complex ideas into elements of clause structure, the Andreas H.

Jucker, Daniel Schreier, Marianne Hundt, In this essay he discusses the major structural differences between "gerunds" verbal nouns like in "John being easy to please", or "John interesting the children with his stories" and "derived nominals" regular nouns like in "the Nadja Jurk, The chapters in this volume address current topics in the morphology, syntax, and semantics of nominalizations, drawing on a range of typologically and geographically diverse languages. Ileana Paul, Different kinds of nominalization 3.

The morphology of nominalizations and the syntax of vP

It has been shown that action and gerundive nominais differ with regard to the structure that is nominalized: in nominalizations like the signing of the contract action , a simple process type specification Ad Foolen, Frederike van der Leek, Or simply nominalization? Thoughts, anyone, as you make merry today? And have a metonymous Christmas! Frances Stead Sellers is senior

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