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Objects as Arrays. Author: Cliff Wootton.

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JavaScript is the scripting language of the Web. Its widespread use in web applications, and support in all modern browsers and in server-side and administration environments, make it an essential part of the programmers' toolkit. Learn everything about utilizing the JavaScript. JavaScript Programmer's Reference is your one-stop source for everything you'll need to know to become a cutting edge web developer using the latest tools and techniques available today.

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Springer Professional. Back to the search result list. Table of Contents Frontmatter Chapter 1. JavaScript Basics Abstract.

Most books would dive right into the syntax and other details of the language, but we are not going to do that here. In Chapter 1 we covered some of the basics of JavaScript. We delved quite deep into a few of the concepts that people struggle with when learning the language. New Releases.

JavaScript programmer's reference

JavaScript Programmer's Reference. Description Get essential programming information at your fingertips! You'll learn to use JavaScript to create customized, interactive Web sites and get quick tips for implementing JavaScript across different browser platforms.

This handy guide offers expert tips, language verification, and cross-platform instruction--making this the perfect companion for the serious coder. Other books in this series. Add to basket. Cascading Style Sheets 2. Visual Basic. NET Dan Rahmel.

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Java 2 Programmer's Reference Herbert Schildt. Back cover copy JavaScript Essentials and Conventions in One Handy Reference Find just the right JavaScript information you need for the task at hand in this convenient resource and idea generator.

Object-oriented Programming in JavaScript: Made Super Simple - Mosh

You'll also get specifics on implementing JavaScript across browsers and platforms.