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Green Living Map and Resources - City of Tacoma

Resources and Services. Do you qualify for Graffiti Cleanup?

20 WAYS TO REDUCE WASTE - Easy Sustainable Lifestyle Hacks - Zero Waste for Beginners - The Edgy Veg

Links to Surveys and Assessments. Encampment Removal Encampment Response Map. Manitou Potential Annexation Area.

Green Living Start Guide

Traffic Unit Photo Enforcement Data. Survey Monuments City Datum.

Broadway L. Street Use. Contacts and Services. Prairie Line Trail Current Projects. Visiting the Tacoma Municipal Building. Office of Environmental Policy and Sustainability. Air Pollution. Announcements and News.

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Earth Month Events. Green Living Map and Resources. Energy, Water and Recycling. Green Building. Green Infrastructure. Green Living Map. Open Spaces. Sustainable Agriculture.

Your Guide to Eco-Friendly Living

Sustainable Purchasing. Healthy Homes, Healthy Neighborhoods. Meet the Team. Shopping Bag Restrictions. Sustainability Small Grant. Sustainable Tacoma Commission. Sustainable Material Management Plan. Print Friendly. Education Find resources to learn more about nature and sustainability in Tacoma, plus the measures local universities are taking to become more sustainable.

Green Buildings Learn about efficiency in buildings, solar panels and ways to make your home more efficient.


Energy, Water and Recycling Get information from your local utility, Tacoma Public Utilities, and learn about recycling opportunities in the city. Green Infrastructure Green Infrastructure uses plants, soils, and natural processes to encourage healthier urban environments. Open Space Open spaces are natural areas that provide important community space, habitat for plants and animals, and various recreational opportunities.

Explore them along with local parks, which provide many of the same services.

Welcome to Green Choices

Sustainable Agriculture With over 30 community gardens, Tacoma has the goal of having the most per-capita than any other city in Washington State. Sustainable Purchasing Being conscious of how you spend your money is an important part of living sustainably. Start Composting with this Beginners Guide. Learn What to do with Veggie Scraps. Certified b-corporation World Retail Awards Finalist.

100+ Simple Tips To Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle

Stores Contact Log in cart cart 0 cart 0. Workshops: Book Here. Currency : AUD. Green Living Guide Your ultimate resource for every question you have about living more gently on our planet! Biome's fair trade certification Bamboo fabric Palm oil Biome's strict standards What ingredients are used and are they safe? What is Palm Oil? Content to be added soon How can I shop cruelty free? What does Cruelty Free Mean? What do with unwanted clothes?

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Easy First Steps Take small steps each day and the momentum will build. See more about this with the 5 R's down below. Gift eco : use gift occassions to show your love for the person and planet. Our community.

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