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City officials responded then that the shortfalls were inherent to the seasonality of the tax.

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Rhynhart's report comes after the Kenney administration revealed earlier this month it would scale back its goals for "universal" pre-K, reducing the number of seats from 6, to 5, over the next five years. Projections for community schools, which combine educational and community health resources under one roof, fell from 25 to 20 over the same period. A survey of Philadelphia businesses conducted last year by Butkovitz showed that a large number of restaurants, grocery stores and corner stores had sustained revenue losses since the passage of the soda tax.

The Kenney administration questioned the methodology and impartiality of the survey, claiming Butkovitz was motivated by political aspirations. Data from the survey seemed to conflict with the findings of a West Coast study on the impact of Berkeley, California's penny-per-ounce soda tax. Dunn said the mayor has every intention to spend the soda tax revenue as originally intended when the lawsuit has been resolved.

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General Kenney Reports

PHL Innovation Fest. See 'Don Quixote' this fall at the Academy of Music. Oktoberfest beer garden returns to Philadelphia Museum of Art.

General Kenney reports : a personal history of the Pacific War /

He fixed the logistical swamp, making supply and maintenance supportive of air operations, and encouraging mavericks such as Pappy Gunn to make new and innovative weapons and to explore new tactics in airpower application. The result was a disaster for the Japanese.

General Kenney Reports: A Personal History of the Pacific War by George C. Kenney

Kenney's airmen used air power-particularly heavily armed B Mitchell bombers used as commerce destroyers-to savage Japanese supply lines, destroying numerous ships and effectively isolating Japanese garrisons. Also contains several photographs , news clippings and World War II maps collected by Kenney.

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Also includes military records and pilot logs including reference to his Victory Credit Some materials available on microfilm only. Access to a few documents limited by USAF administrative markings. Related materials located elsewhere in the Document Collection, Air Force Historical Research Agency, include oral history interviews with transcripts , , ; several documents authored by or about Kenney's activities , and references to Kenney by others.

Also includes video tape of Kenney's funeral